The Downtown Organization of Santa Barbara, Inc. (DSB) is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the business, cultural, community and environmental vitality of Downtown Santa Barbara for the benefit of its members, Santa Barbara residents and visitors. DSB was first incorporated in 1967, in response to growing competition and development in the suburbs. This non-profit membership organization has served as the collective voice for Downtown Santa Barbara for more than fifty years.

Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, DSB has a long history of leading change, organizing community, and building the brand of this amazing place we call Downtown Santa Barbara. At our core, our volunteer leadership has built the strength of our organization through the years. We pride ourselves on providing services that benefit our members every day and we work innovatively to leverage our knowledge and can-do history to help shape future opportunities and overcome challenges.

Business Improvement Districts

This is our organization's forty-seventh year managing the Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). These are “self-assessments,” meaning the businesses agreed, through a legal mechanism, to assess themselves to pay for certain services that would benefit their businesses. There are actually two BID's: the Downtown BID created in 1968, and the Old Town BID created in 1976.BID services in Downtown Santa Barbara include marketing, promotion, events, decorations, and other advocacy and activities that benefit the businesses.

Once the BIDs were established, the City of Santa Barbara contracted us to manage and implement the BIDs management plans and programs. While the Downtown Organization merged with the Old Town Business Association in 2004, the two BIDs have continued to operate separately, in compliance with their respective ordinances. Their combined assessment revenues support DSB's member programs and services that are improving the overall business climate for Downtown Santa Barbara stakeholders.

State Street Operations

In the late 1970s, the City of Santa Barbara contracted with DSB to provide daily landscaping maintenance and cleaning services along a defined corridor of State Street. This Contract for Services has been renewed and its Scope of Services expanded through the years, with DSB now providing needed services for seasonal sidewalk cleaning to meet additional demands along key pedestrian corridors. Downtown members opening their businesses in the mornings will see the DSB crew taking care of business, and taking pride in keeping our dynamic district clean and attractive.

Downtown Santa Barbara recently completed a retail study, with Downtown Works , which has provided invaluable information for all Downtown stakeholders. Click here for the survey.

There are good reasons why Santa Barbara has drawn aspiring artists for generations. Our legendary history and culture provide the backdrop, while our natural environment provides the setting for a vibrant arts scene with a multitude of cultural offerings designed to engage, educate, and entertain. The art galleries, world-class museums, and historic theaters spanning historical times to the most contemporary create an extraordinary arts scene for Downtown Santa Barbara.

Downtown Santa Barbara is known for being beautiful and chic with great weather and even better food. In fact, some would say that Santa Barbara tastes as good as it looks. Downtown offers a wide range of authentic California-style cuisine, with American, International and ethnic restaurants serving the best of locally-sourced foods with amazing and hospitable service. Discover the flavors of our thriving culinary scene, where you can find everything from quick lunch options to fine dining in world class restaurants.

One of Downtown Santa Barbara's newest experiences is quickly becoming both visitors' and locals' new favorite past-time: sampling and exploring our growing number of wine and spirits “tasting rooms.” The regions just north of Santa Barbara produce some of the best wines in the world, and this newest type of tasting experience is also becoming synonymous with visiting Downtown Santa Barbara.

Historic State Street Plaza in Downtown Santa Barbara is one of America's most pedestrian-friendly downtowns, in large part due to the amazing diversity of shopping choices. Our shop-lined streets are a favorite with visitors and locals alike. From Santa Barbara-style specialty shops to national brands, and from regional gallery favorites to indie boutiques, Downtown Santa Barbara offers an authentic shopping experience, whether you are seriously shopping, strolling, or just taking in the scene.

Alameda Park / Kids World
1400 Santa Barbara St Alice Keck Park & Memorial Gardens
1500 Santa Barbara St Butterfly Beach
Chase Palm Park
323 E Cabrillo Blvd East Beach
E Cabrillo Blvd Hendry's Beach
2981 Cliff Dr La Mesa Park
Meigs Road Leadbetter Beach
402 E Ortega St Pershing Park
100 Castillo St Skater's Point
E Cabrillo Blvd West Beach
200 W Cabrillo Blvd

Rose Garden Inn Santa Barbara
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